Painting Tips

Top 10 Reason's To Hire a Painter

Mike Deulen's Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Painter
10. To stay married.
9. Not to do it twice
8. To keep from hiring a carpet cleaner.
7. Stay out of emergency room.
6. Keep your reputation that you are handy around the house.
5. Reduce stress.
4. Can tell people that its your house, your just not renting.
3. It just makes sense.
2. Allows your kids to learn that kind of language somewhere else.

And the top reason
1. Are you crazy, you could be golfing

Would you try something New?

It is closing in on 7:30pm and you don’t have anything for dinner do you choose the same stand by restaurant you always go to or try the new place you heard about? Most of us stick to what we know, what we are comfortable with. So what makes us branch out and try something new? For most of us if we read a great review or hear an amazing referral from a close friend or family member we might consider trying a new place of business. If you have stumbled across us while looking for a painting contactor, or are looking for more information about Just Details Painting please keep reading.

How can my house painters help with Wrinkling, Sagging & Flaking?

Wrinkling, Sagging, Peeling, Flaking, Blistering, & Alligatoring and we are not talking about your skin! We are talking about painting problems. There are many similarities between our skin and paint problems both on interior and exterior paint. Most of us look in the mirror daily and see flaws in our skin, a good painter will look at your home’s paint the same way. So what do these kinds of painting problems mean and how can they be fixed?