Interior Painting

New Year, New Resolutions, New ‘To-Do’ List.

If your home needs an updated paint job, Just Details Painting is your best local source.  Whether you need to complete an interior or exterior project, we can get the job done for you quickly and efficiently. 

Here are a few painting tips to keep in mind:

Top 10 Reason's To Hire a Painter

Mike Deulen's Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Painter
10. To stay married.
9. Not to do it twice
8. To keep from hiring a carpet cleaner.
7. Stay out of emergency room.
6. Keep your reputation that you are handy around the house.
5. Reduce stress.
4. Can tell people that its your house, your just not renting.
3. It just makes sense.
2. Allows your kids to learn that kind of language somewhere else.

And the top reason
1. Are you crazy, you could be golfing